Introduction to Sustainable Living

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What is sustainability?

Everything that we need in life comes from our natural environment, either directly or indirectly. To live sustainably, we must wisely use and replenish natural resources, while also lowering environmental pollution rates.

Why is it so important to live sustainably?

Our planet is currently populated by 7.6 billion humans! As our population continues to rise, plant and animal extinction rates increase. All the while, our natural resources are more quickly depleted and become much more polluted. If we continue to live that the way we do, events such as sea level rise, food/freshwater scarcity, ocean acidification and extreme weather will only continue to intensify. We are all experiencing the effects of climate change, some more than others. Climate change does much more than just degrade our environment, it also violates human rights. Marginalized populations are the most vulnerable to climate change effects, yet they are usually the ones who contribute the least to climate change itself.

How can you live sustainably?

The idea of sustainable development is so important because it helps to protect the environment, while still allowing society to thrive. It incorporates many interconnected sectors, such as politics, economics, ecology and culture. This being so, there are many ways that you can make a difference. You can change your personal lifestyle to lessen your carbon footprint. You can advocate for environmental justice to your local government. Or, you can become conscious of who and where your money goes to by supporting ethical companies.

What is this site about?

It’s unfortunate that sustainable products, such as food, clothing and appliances, tend to be quite expensive. However, it is possible to live a more environmentally-friendly life without having to spend much. While I was an undergrad in college, I decided that I needed to begin living a greener and cleaner life, but as I was researching sustainable alternatives, I struggled to find products that I could actually afford. I found it unfair that products that are better for the planet were also more costly, but I knew that I could not let this stop me from changing my lifestyle for the better. This meant that I had to get creative and think easy ways to help save the world. I’ve found a lot of fun and simple alternatives that I am excited to share with you. If I was able to make these changes as a penniless college student, I hope that they are reasonable enough for you, too!

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