Green Beauty/Personal Care Additions

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During the last few weeks, you all have shared some new beauty brands with me and I’ve also found a few new personal care products that I’m excited to share with you! This post adds on to my previous personal care and green beauty posts.

Green Beauty Brands

The Seaweed Bath Company: This brand works with the ocean to create gentle, effective products that promote hair and skin health. The Seaweed Bath Co. sustainably hand-harvests bladderwack seaweed off the coast of Maine. Their products are seaweed-based because bladderwack seaweed naturally detoxes, replenishes and protects your skin and hair. I’ve struggled to find a plant-based conditioner that really hydrates and detangles my hair until I tried their conditioner! So far, I’ve only tried their shampoos and conditioners, but I’ve heard that their other products work wonders as well. I buy my Seaweed Bath Co. products at Whole Foods for around $10, but they’re products are also available on Amazon.

Ethique: This amazing zero-waste, full range beauty brand is finally getting the attention that it deserves! If you haven’t heard of it already, Ethique has created shampoos, conditioners, facial cleansers, moisturizers and deodorants all in bar form! They even have shaving bars, make-up remover bars, facial scrub bars, laundry bars and pet shampoo bars! Ethique products are plastic-free, vegan, cruelty-free, palm oil-free, sustainably derived and all natural of course! If you’re interested in switching to bar products, I recommend trying one of their sampling packages ($15 to $18). I’m finishing up with the last of my Seaweed Bath Co. products so that I can replace them with Ethique products!

Honey Belle: One of my long-time friends brought this product to my attention the other week! I have yet to try it, but I plan to stick some of their products on my Christmas list. Honey Belle creates natural, organic and affordable beauty products and tools to address common skin concerns by promoting natural healing. Honey Belle products are created in small batches at their micro-factory in Southern California. Thanks to their #SoapForSoul program, they donate a soap for each bar of body soap that is sold! My friend recommends their lip scrub, face masks and coffee facial scrub! I’m interested in trying their exfoliating loofa soaps and facial rollers.

Aspen Kay Naturals: Two of my best friends (who also happen to be twin sisters) gave me my first Aspen Kay body bar (dead sea mud and charcoal) for my birthday, and I love it! All of the soaps are hand-made with organic ingredients and they are colored with plants, herbs and clays. They sells 1 lb bags of “fugly soaps” ($19) which are filled with soap slices that aren’t perfectly bar-shaped. I think that concept is really awesome because to prevents perfectly good soap from going to waste. Also, $19 for one pound of soap (which is separated into several bars) will last you a VERY long time. They also have facial oils and moisturizers. Their products are also available on Amazon.

My aunt informed me about the new EWG Verified mark that you might see on some personal care products. The Environmental Working Group has been studying chemicals since 1993 and developed the strictest personal care standards in the US. If you see a product that is EWG Verified, that means that the product is free of EWG’s ingredients of concern, provides good transparency and uses good manufacturing practices. Check out their site to see what products are EWG Verified.

Naked Poppy is a database that allows you to search for clean make-up products. Before adding products to their list, the quality of each product has to be approved by their make-up artists, testers and founders to assure that it works well!

Also, I highly recommended checking out the 2018 Beauty Award Winners!

Personal Care Products

There is a new type of personal care product that is coming to the market to help people achieve their zero-waste lifestyle goals. Do you know those laundry detergent pods? Well they are now making shampoo and shaving cream pods. The coating of the pods dissolve with water, so you just rub the soap in your hands in use it!

In my last personal care post I talked about sustainable toothbrush alternatives, but I forgot to talk about floss! A lot of people don’t like floss, but if you are an avid flosser, you might want to reconsider your flossing products. My dentist recommends using a water pick because she claims that it works three times as well as regular floss. In addition, it is much more fun to use. If that doesn’t interest you, Dental Lace sells biodegradable floss that that comes in a reusable container. When you’re starting to run low, simply order some floss refills!


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