Eco-Friendly Gift Giving

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my suggestions for celebrating an eco-friendly Thanksgiving.

For the rest of the year, my posts will be dedicated to the holidays. I’ll discuss everything from decorating, present wrapping to gift giving. If you have any particular requests or questions, be sure to fill out the form below!

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If you are interested in buying sustainable Christmas presents this year, you’ll discover that sustainable gift shopping can be expensive. However, it doesn’t have to be! If you want to buy eco-friendly gifts to help influence your family and friends to live a greener life, it’s very important to buy a gift that is suitable for them. Some people are more comfortable trying sustainable alternatives than others, and that’s okay! For example, not everyone is a fan of bar soaps, so gifting a bar shampoo and conditioner set won’t be a winning gift for everyone. Even if you find a really cool eco-friendly item that you think everyone in the world should have, spend some time thinking who would really be interested in using that item.

If you are going to go Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping, this is a great time to start gathering eco-friendly gifts! It’s also the perfect time for you to buy some sustainable goodies for yourself. Listed below are some sustainable and ethical shops that you might consider buying from. I recommend checking these sites out before the shopping season starts so that you can keep an eye out on products that you might be interested.


  • United By Blue: For every product sold, United by Blue removes one pound of trash from our world’s oceans and waterways. They also celebrate Blue Friday instead of Black Friday. United Be Blue clothing and accessories would make great gifts for outdoorsy people.
  • Naja: This undergarment brand is dedicated to supporting women and the environment. Naja primarily hires single mothers or females that are the head of households and provides them with flexible work schedules. Children of Naja employees receive books, school supplies, uniforms and paid school meals. This brand seeks to empower women rather than objectifying them. They also try their best to reduce their environmental footprint wherever they can!
  • PACT: My go-to brand for affordable eco-friendly basics for both babies and adults.
  • Patagonia: This is a great place to find gifts for those who like to live an active lifestyle. Their pullovers, jackets and swimsuits are my favorite.
  • prAna: Another great place for those who enjoy the outdoors.
  • Alternative Apparel: The best way to build a sustainable wardrobe is to start by replacing your basics!
  • Everlane: A stylish, eco-friendly brand that creates modern basics than some of the other shops above.

Workout Clothes

  • The Girlfriend Collective: This awesome brand practices fair labor laws and also creates clothing out of recycled fishnets that found in our oceans.
  • Teeki: This brand transforms plastic water bottles into amazing workout clothes and manufactures everything in the US. I love my workout pieces that I have from this shop!
  • Threads 4 Thought: Good brand for basics, but I really like their workout clothes, too.


  • Matt & Nat: This brand creates beautiful vegan bags using eco-friendly and recycled materials. They sell bags for every occasion, such as backpacks, belt bags, diaper bags, crossbody bags and weekender bags.
  • The Tote Project: Fey Grant and Michelle Chavez founded The Tote Project to help spread awareness about modern day slavery and they want to do their part by supporting recovering survivors. Fey hand prints the artwork found on their totes and pouches. They are absolutely beautiful! The Tote Project spreads awareness about human trafficking, practices ethical manufacturing and donates a share of profits to Two Wings, a nonprofit dedicated to help rescued trafficking victims.


  • 100percentpure: My favorite green beauty brand! Try out their fruit-dyed makeup and check out their special holiday bundles.
  • Alaffia: This brand creates body, face and hair products to empower communities in need!
  • The Body Shop: You can never go wrong with products from The Body Shop! Try out their chamomile makeup remover and tea tree oil products.
  • Lush: Everything from Lush is handmade and cruelty-free! Their massage bars and mouthwash tabs make fun gifts! They also always have nice holiday gift sets.
  • Pacifica: They have the best 7 Free (aka free of the 7 of the yuckiest polish chemicals) nail polish that I’ve tried! I also love their roll-on perfumes.


  • Package Free Shop: This shop is perfect for zero waste gifts. They even have zero waste kits! Package Free Shop is a variety of products ranging from home goods to personal care and they also partake in zero waste, plastic free packaging. I’m so thankful that my cousin introduced me to this awesome shop!
  • Pela: This brand creates eco-friendly, compostable phone cases that help support plastic-free oceans. They create both iPhone and android phone cases!
  • Earth Easy: This shop is full of useful green home items!

When you are Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, be mindful of what you buy and where you buy from. There are plenty of wonderful companies who donate to those in need and have a mission to help make a difference in the world. You have the power to make a difference by investing in brands that work to make our world better. Buy ethically, sustainably and don’t forget your reusable shopping bags!


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