Valentine’s Day Gifts & Ideas (2019)


I love Valentine’s Day because I love love! Whether you’re celebrating with your friends or a special someone, spread the love by adding a little green into your celebration this year!


Did you know that there is such thing as plantable cards? Well if you didn’t, now you do! These cards are biodegradable and the paper is embedded with tiny seeds. Cover your card with soil and watch it grow into something beautiful that you can admire everyday. Green Field Paper Company sells these plantable Valentine’s Day cards for $4.

Other eco-friendly card options include cards that are made from recycled materials and natural inks. Luckily, it is easy to find sustainable cards now.  For instance, the Target near my house has their own little section for recycled cards. Also, be on the look out for Paper Culture. They plant a tree for every order made!

If you celebrate Valentine’s Day at work, rather than giving paper cards out to everyone in the office, why not send out fun eCards instead!


Buy a box of chocolate that is made with a little extra love. Nuubia creates beautiful chocolates that are made and packaged sustainably. John & Kira’s uses ingredients sourced from urban gardens/small farms and has cute nature inspired designs. If you’re looking for chocolate bars instead of truffles, check out Divine or Equal Exchange. Lastly, if you’re looking for little treats to give out at school or work, Alter Eco’s chocolate truffles are wrapped in compostable wrappers.


As much as I love flowers, I’ve told my boyfriend that he doesn’t need to get me bouquets (he didn’t know if this was a trick or not). Cut flowers are beautiful to admire, but they only live for so long. I would rather see them alive and thriving than in a vase on my desk for a week. Good alternatives for cut flowers are small potted plants or succulents. After Valentine’s Day is long gone, your loved one can continue to admire your gift for years to come!


I love the idea of gifting succulents in heart-shaped arrangements. You can purchase the beautiful arrangements above at Succulent Art Works for $62. You can also create your own by filling a heart-shaped container with succulents (heart chocolate boxes work well for this).

If you want to get your sweetheart flowers this Valentine’s Day, buy a bouquet that is full of seasonal flowers that are locally grown. I would recommended buying flowers from a Farmers’ Market if that option is available to you. Even better, if you have a garden (or if you know someone who does), arrange the bouquet yourself!


If you’re looking for a unique jewelry gift, check out Impressed by Nature pressed flower collection. Gift your favorite person earrings or a necklace made from her favorite flower! If you are looking for a more classic piece of jewelry, take a look at Brilliant Earth. They have a heart diamond pendant and infinity necklace made from recycled silver that sell for $95.


Unfortunately, most perfumes are full of toxic chemicals that are harmful to both you and the environment. If you are looking to gift your valentine a new scent, I would recommended shopping at Pacifica Beauty or Lush. Pacifica Beauty harnesses the magic of aromatherapy in their perfumes which range from $5 to $24. They have a variety of scents, which come in both roll-on and spray form, and their bottles are cutely decorated. Meanwhile, Lush sells solid perfumes for $12 to $15 and sprays for $25 to $120. If you’re looking for something a little more delicate, Earth tu Face, a brand created by two California herbalists, has created a solid perfume that is packaged in a seashell for $78. (It’s quite cute!) I spent a good amount of time trying to find an eco-friendly cologne brand, but sadly I came across very few options and none of which caught my eye. If you know of any green colognes, please share them with me!

Experience Gifts

I love experience gifts because you get to enjoy your gift with others while creating new memories and maybe even a souvenir to take home. If your special someone enjoys being creative, paint night or a pottery class might be a fun bonding experience. If they’re not so much into art, try out a cooking class instead! If they enjoy being active, sign up for a dance class or purchase a regional parks pass so that you can enjoy exploring the natural world together.


When you are deciding on a restaurant for your date, choose a restaurant that participates in sustainable business practices, such as using locally, organic sourced ingredients. Some examples include: The Perennial $$$ (helps to fight climate change), Greens $$$ (Lance took me to dinner here and we loved it!)  Local Union 271 $$ (farm to table),  The Plant $$ (organic ingredients and ethically raised meat), Shizen $$ (vegan sushi) and Zero Zero $$ (supports local farmers).

A Few More Things

  • If your Valentine is a coffee or tea lover, personalized travel mugs are always great. (This will naturally encourage them to limit their use of disposal coffee cups!)
  • Burn soy candles rather than paraffin candles.
  • Sip on organic wine!
  • Pact, Reformation and Naja are good shops for sustainable intimates.
  • Spread the love! Maybe instead of a fancy date, you and your loved one can spend time volunteering to help others or our planet.


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