Natural Deodorant


Did you know that most deodorants have many carcinogenic ingredients? When you get the chance, take a look at your deodorant and check to see if it has aluminum and/or parabens listed in its ingredient list. Aluminum is a metal commonly found in deodorant and parabens are preservatives used in personal care and green beauty products. These ingredients have been linked to cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Some people will argue that chemicals found in regular deodorant aren’t harmful, but if you have the chance to possibly reduce your risk of getting sick, it doesn’t hurt to give it a try. Cancer is becoming far too common and it’s hard to pinpoint what causes cancer because there are now so many synthetic chemicals found in all of our every day products.  Sustainable living isn’t just about using products that are better for the environment. It’s also about using products that are better for your health.

Why is aluminum even in deodorant?

Aluminum helps to clog your pores so that you won’t sweat, acting as an antiperspirant. This traps toxins in your body, including other toxic ingredients found in your deodorant, such as parabens. This is especially harmful because your lymph nodes are located in your armpits!

How does natural deodorant work?

Many people fear switching to natural deodorant because they don’t want to sweat, but sweating is natural and important as it helps to cleanse our body of toxins. Sweat is just a mixture of salt and water, so it doesn’t actually smell. The smell comes from the bacteria that interacts with it. Natural deodorant interacts with bacteria to prevent it from releasing odors.

What should I expect when switching to a natural deodorant?

When you transition to a natural deodorant, you might go through a detox period. This is expected because you have been trapping toxins in your body for years, so they are finally free to flush themselves out. Keep in mind that the aluminum will remain in our body for a few weeks after you make the switch (yikes). Initially, you might sweat more because your pores are no longer clogged, meaning that trapped fluids can finally escape. But not to worry, that just means that you have to apply your deodorant a little more often at first. There are now underarm detox masks and scrubs that you can use to speed up the process. You can also just use a detoxifying face mask that you already have at home! Charcoal is usually a good detoxifying ingredient.

Not everyone goes through a detox phase. I think that it really depends on the deodorant that you chose to use. For example, my sister and boyfriend noticed no difference when they began using aluminum-free deodorant. For me on the other hand, it was different. Detox periods can last for a week or two.

My Transition to Natural Deodorant

Last year, I tried to switch to natural deodorant at least three different times. At the beginning, I wasn’t patient enough. I felt like by the time I would get to work, my deodorant was already gone! I would give up and give in to using my regular deodorant after a few days.  It turns out, not all natural deodorants are the same. It took many attempts to find a natural deodorant that worked well for me.

I have been using Lavanila’s Sport Luxe deodorant for the past few months, and I love it! I grew up as an athlete, which means that I do sweat a lot. After my body adjusted to aluminum-free deodorant, I began to sweat less and my deodorant would stay on all day. Lavanila is one of the more expensive natural deodorants, but since it’s quite large, it’s lasts for a long time. The good news is, now it seems that most generic brands are developing their own aluminum-free deodorants and selling them for affordable prices.

Some natural deodorants don’t go on smoothly or feel “chalky”, but this one doesn’t! When you’re trying to find a deodorant that you like, I would recommend trying out travel sizes or deodorant samplers. That way you’ll save money as you experiment to find a deodorant that’s right for you!


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