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Now is a perfect time to begin a green project in honor of Earth Day, which is less than a month away! Whether you’re interested in starting a green project at home, school or work, TerraCycle can help!

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TerraCycle offers free recycling programs that are funded by participating brands, manufacturers and retailers to help collect your hard-to-recycle waste.  You choose the recycling programs that you wish to participate in, download a free shipping label and send in your waste to be recycled. When you participate in a program, you can earn rewards for your school or favorite non-profit. After collecting enough points, you have the option to donate your rewards to an organization of your choice or receive a TerraCycle bundle to continue on with your recycling journey. Always be on the lookout for their contests and promotions!

When I began looking through the TerraCycle programs, I realized that you can recycle almost anything. They have programs from everything to coffee capsules and toys to toothpastes and razors. If there is a particular brand or product that you are interested in recycling, search for recycling programs on the site. If you choose to enter your location, you can find local stores that participate as TerraCycle drop-off centers.

Here are some participating brands that have free TerraCycle programs:

Burt’s Bees      Colgate      Clif Bar      Febreeze      Gillette      Garnier      Tom’s      EOS

Arm & Hammer      Little Bites      Naked Bear      GoGo SqueeZ     Brita      BioTrue

Here are some other general free programs:

Laundry Products      Snack Bags      Pet Food      E-waste      School Supplies

For the paid programs, I recommend implementing these programs at school or work. Working with others reduces expenses and creates a sense of community as you strive to help the planet together. Although these programs are not free, they are very valuable and important as these programs recycle otherwise hard-to-recycle waste.

Check out some of these programs options below:

Coffee Capsules      Toys      Light Bulbs      Pet Products     Personal Care      Art Supplies      Baby Gear      Beauty Products       Candy Wrappers      Party Supplies      Batteries

If you are interested in DIY projects, check out some of TerraCycle’s up-cycle project ideas here. Some of the projects include wine charms, table soccer, pinwheels and toothbrush holders. If there is a project that you’re interested in, let your students or co-workers know so that they can start collecting materials and then complete the project together on Earth Day.


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