Earth Month


It’s April, which also means that it is Earth Month! Although, every day should be Earth Day. If you have been thinking about trying out a new eco-friendly lifestyle alternative, now would be the time to do so! You can even take advantage of Earth Day (April 22nd) to start a project at school or work. It’s always more fun when you have other people join along.

Here are some ways that you can celebrate Earth Month:

  • Reconnect with the environment! Everything that we use or own comes from the environment, either directly or indirectly. We often forget this because we are so disconnected from the natural world. Take some time to walk, hike or cycle at one of your local regional parks. I promise that you won’t regret it!
  • Cook a Farmers’ Market meal. Gather ingredients from a local Farmers’ Market and cook a nice, organic meal.
  • Pledge to go plastic-free! Whether it’s for a day, week, month or forever, challenge yourself to start living a plastic-free life. You can even make a little competition out of it with your family, friends, coworkers or classmates. For example, have your coworkers save all of the plastic products they use in a week. Whoever has the least amount of plastic waste by the end of the week wins!
  • Try living zero waste for a day. You can also make this into a friendly competition and extend it to a longer time period. Zero waste living means that you live in a way where you don’t send anything to the landfill. Composting and recycling does not count as waste as those products are then repurposed.
  • Go to an Earth Day event. Check to see if there will be a local Earth Day celebration within your city. If you are from the Bay Area, San Francisco usually has a pretty large Earth Day event with yummy food trucks.
  • Bring life back to your garden. My goal for this spring is to fill my garden with  tasty herbs and veggies. You get to spend some time outside and after a few months, you’ll have a garden full of yummy treats!
  • Host a clothes swap party! Clean out your closets and gather up your pals for a clothes swap. After, drop off the remaining clothes at a local thrift store or charity.

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