Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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The holiday season has finally arrived! Isn’t it interesting how Thanksgiving (a day where we give thanks for all that we have in life) is followed by Black Friday (a day where everyone gets excited over deals and buys way more than they need)?

Before you jump into those Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, take a moment to reflect and remember that you vote with your dollar. Are those deals really worth the environmental damage and unethical worker treatment? I know these sales are tempting, especially if you’re on a budget. However, I don’t think saving a few dollars is worth the environmental and social impacts. Be thoughtful and don’t buy more than you need.
We have about 10 years to make some drastic changes because climate change impacts are intensifying. Challenge yourself to do the right thing and invest your money in companies who partake in fair trade and sustainable business practices. Don’t know where to start? I’ll help!
  • Avoid online shopping. As convenient as it can be, it produces a lot of unnecessary waste and greenhouse gas emissions
  • While it’s great to buy sustainable living products for others, make sure it’s something that they are actually interested in. They’re more likely to use it, so their gift will be worth the money!
  • IF they are okay with shopping at thrift stores, nothing is wrong with buying thrifted gifts. If you get lucky, you can even find pieces with the tag still on! A few weeks ago I found a brand new $90 jacket from Marine Layer that was selling for $18! When I buy gifts from thrift stores, I wash the clothes before gifting them (just in case). Keep in mind that not everyone feels comfortable thrift shopping, so please be mindful of this.
My next post will be dedicated to sustainable gift ideas. If you have any requests, please feel free to leave a note in the comment box below!

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