Grown Acorn

Oak trees symbolize strength, stability, and knowledge, while their acorns symbolize potential. Beautiful, mighty oak trees grow from small acorns. Sometimes you may feel like an acorn, questioning whether you can actually make a difference in the world as an individual. The answer to that questions is yes! That’s where the name “Grown Acorn” stems from.  If you decide to live a more sustainable life, you will lessen your environmental impact on Earth, promoting strength, stability, and knowledge, like a mighty oak tree. You may also inspire others to do the same, so that single grown acorn might develop into a strong, remarkable forest one day.

About the Author


Hi, my name is Tessa and thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! I recently completed my Master’s degree in Environmental Management and have environmental experience working in both the public and private sectors.

I am passionate about sustainability because I want to help protect the natural world while promoting equity. Since I have an environmentally-focused background, my peers often ask me how they can live more sustainably. Your interest in sustainability is what inspired me to create this site, so a big thanks to you!

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