Sustainable Gift Guide

Hi Everyone! I hope that your holiday shopping has been going well! If you are still on the hunt for sustainable Christmas presents, feel free to refer back to any of my previous posts listed below. Also, if you are hosting Christmas or New Year's at your house, you might want to check out my... Continue Reading →

Green Christmas Decorating

Now that Thanksgiving is over, many of us are beginning to set up our Christmas decorations. Before you buy a Christmas tree, new lights for the house or any other decor, be sure to check out the sustainable options below! Christmas Trees During my sophomore year in college, the last question on my Environmental Chemistry... Continue Reading →

Eco-Friendly Gift Giving

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! If you haven't already, be sure to check out my suggestions for celebrating an eco-friendly Thanksgiving. For the rest of the year, my posts will be dedicated to the holidays. I'll discuss everything from decorating, present wrapping to gift giving. If you have any particular requests or questions, be sure to... Continue Reading →

Upgrade your Common Household Items

Last week, I received requests to post about sustainable alternatives for many common household products, so I decide to discuss generic household items this week. Next week's post will be dedicated to celebrating Thanksgiving, but in the meantime, I hope that you find these tips helpful! Toilet Paper Last weekend, my boyfriend was making fun... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Kitchen Swaps

Take a look around your kitchen. How much waste is generated by the products that you use? Check out these simple, sustainable product alternatives that are great for any kitchen, whether it's your kitchen at home or at work! Reusable Soap Dispensers If you're not interested in bar soaps (especially with the flu season quickly... Continue Reading →

Reflecting on Our Changing Planet

This week I decided to stray away from my typical sustainable living posts so that we can take a moment to reflect upon our changing world. Earlier this month, the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change (IPCC) released a new report regarding their most recent climate change assessment. The report stated that the Earth will warm... Continue Reading →

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